University Challenge
Beinn Bike – A mountain bike route planning tool, submitted by Dr Steve Owens and Team, Beinn Bike, United Kingdom

ESA Sentinel Small Sat (S^3) Challenge
FSSCat: Federated Satellite System 6U tandem mission for sea ice and soil moisture monitoring, submitted by Prof Adriano Camps & Alessandro Golkar (Visiting Professor), Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC), Institut d’Estudis Espacials de Catalunya (IEEC) & Golbriak Space oü, Estonia

The DLR Environment, Energy & Health Challenge – Fire information from space to reduce adverse imapcts from bush and savanna fires, submitted by Gernot Rücker and Team, ZEBRIS, Germany

T-Systems Open Telekom Cloud Challenge
OpenMapTiles – World maps from your infrastructure, submitted by Dr Petr Pridal and Team, OpenMapTiles, Czech Republic

Disaster Management Challenge by Astrosat
DANTE – Digital Alarm Network and Tracking Equipment for forest fire detection, submitted by Luis Crespo and Team, AD Telecom, Spain

Big Data Big Business Challenge by CGI
Saturnalia, submitted by Daniele De Vecchi and Team, Ticinum Aerospace, Italy

The BMVI Earth Observation Challenge for Digital Transport Application
LiveEO – Integration of autonomous UAV “h-aero” constellations into satellite services for real-time Earth Observation, submitted by Sven Przywarra and Team, White Sands Earth Observation and Hybrid Airplane Technologies, Germany

Catapult Sustainable Living Challenge
Forest Sentinel – Forest protection with satellite deforestation alerts via mobile phone app, submitted by Prof Heiko Balzter and Team from University of Leicester, England, Ukall Ltd and Kenya Forest Service, Kenya

Copernicus Sustainable Development Challenge
BeeNebula – Bee activity monitoring using satellite data, submitted by submitted by Dr Sylwia Nasilowska and Team, from the Institute of Aviation, Poland

Copernicus Government Challenge
SOUL | Sensor Observation of Urban Life, submitted by Dr Pedro Jorge Caridade and Team, from SpaceLayer Technologies & University of Coimbra, Portugal

Copernicus Big Data Challenge
SandMap – Real time tangible interactive maps fostering Earth Observation awareness, submitted by Asst. Prof Panagiotis Partsinevelos from SenseLAB Research and Technical University of Crete, Greece

Copernicus B2B Challenge
farmAR – Agriculture management from space made easy using an augmented reality application on a mobile device, submitted by Dr Beril Sirmacek and Team, FarmAR, Netherlands

Copernicus Services Challenge
DroneSAR – Transforming drones for search & rescue, submitted by Leo Murray and Team, DroneSAR, Ireland

Copernicus Security Challenge
OPTOSS AI – Incident & security alarm platform, submitted by Taras Matselyukh and Team, OPT/NET BV, Netherlands


This year’s Copernicus Masters Awards Ceremony reached a new high! In line with the 4th Satellite Masters Conference, it was the highlight of the most important space event this year: the European Space Week in Tallinn, Estonia. Learn everything about this prestigious event.


Since 2011 more than 1,100 participants have submitted their innovative Earth observation solution for business and society to the Copernicus Masters. Many of the ideas submitted in previous years have been implemented and successfully launched into the market.

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Aqua Alta

Aqua Alta Winner Alexander Popp Message This illustration shows a satellite image of Venice in the form of a human footprint. Recent projections assessed by the US National Research Council...

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ASIGN / GEO PICTURES – Crowdsourced

Data in Use Satellite radar images and in-situ photos Service summary Satellite radar images in urban areas require in-situ verification due to backscatter. After asking the public for help, we...

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