Dear Copernicus Accelerator participant,

In this year, the success story of the Copernicus Masters has continued and reached a new level with the start of the Copernicus Accelerator. Thanks to the effort and commitment showed by mentees and the effective contribution provided by mentors, start-ups have already further developed their ideas and some even reached preliminary goals.
In addition to the regular interactions with each of you per e-mail and telephone, we will from now on also share a Copernicus Accelerator newsletter every six weeks. Within such newsletters you will find out more about interesting EO news and events, funding possibilities for your business and the Copernicus Accelerator Start-Up of the Month.
Included to this first one, you can find the Copernicus Accelerator labels of which you can make free use on your websites and social media channels.

Wishing you a wonderful holiday season and a happy New Year, see you again in 2017!

Your Copernicus Accelerator Team

The core assets of the Copernicus Accelerator

"The new and unprecedented feature of this year's edition of the Copernicus Masters - the Copernicus Accelerator - has been enjoying much popularity. The European Commission wanted to associate future-oriented entrepreneurs as mentees and high-level professionals as mentors. This interaction is what makes this programme so successful." Philippe Brunet, Director at the European Commission, expresses his gratitude towards all mentees and mentors which have been working together with a high degree of dedication and creativity. More
Sinergise is pushing the limits of managing of spatial data over Internet

Sinergise is a company operating in a start-up mode for almost 15 years already. Not from the point of financial dependence on financing rounds - they have been profitable from day one - but from the point of organisation of work and search for innovation. They have been one of the first companies to implement management of GIS data over Internet, supporting hundreds of users to jointly edit the data, being connected via old fashion dial-up modems in 2003. More

Mentors and mentees are offered the possibility to benefit from discretionary webinars, in which they will be provided with approximately 1.5-hour training on either a technical or a business topic. Such webinars are intended to support mentors in their coaching service and provide mentees with additional and useful tools. Questions and debate with participants will be encouraged, in order to make the sessions interactive.

First Training: Testing your product
Date: 12 January, 2017 at 17:00 CET
Learn practical skills for different product design stages. During the session, you will learn how to use experimentation and how to design a scientific research for product ideation and prototyping stages. We will also talk about performing an in-depth target group research, validating your product and designing tests to make sure your creation is both functional and market-ready.

Second Training: Copernicus for developers and GI professionals
Date: February, 2017 TBD
This is a hands-on training that will teach how to access satellite imagery, how to use Copernicus data for web mapping, and how cloud processing for Copernicus data works. We will also analyse some existing examples of Copernicus data in GIS software.

Note: You will receive a reminder email one week before the webinar to make sure that you will not miss it.

Do you know of all the funding sources available for funding your idea or for growing your company? Did you always wonder about the differences between grants, debt or equity? The access to finance factsheets, developed with Copernicus-related businesses in mind, will help you identify and understand all financing sources. The factsheets will assist you in finding the right funding sources which match your needs, your business model and your growth.

Find all the information you need here, with the access to finance factsheets of the European Commission.

Are you interested to learn even more about Earth Observation and to get connected with our world-class partners, thrilling start-ups and visionary entrepreneurs? Then do not miss the opportunity to join one of the interesting events in January 2017.
Remote Sensing of Fluorescence, Photosynthesis and Vegetation Status
17-19 January 2017
Frascati, Italy

Copernicus Training and Information Session in Lithuania
18 January 2017
Vilnius, Lithuania

2nd Workshop Volcanic plumes: observation, modelling and impacts
20 January 2017
Paris, France

POLinSAR 2017 Workshop
23-27 January 2017
Frascati, Italy

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