February 2015
Last look at Sentinel-2A

Before Sentinel-2A is packed up and shipped to French Guiana, media representatives and specialists got one last look ...

February 2015
Sentinel-2 Practisces Laser Spin

As Sentinel-2A nears the end of testing before being shipped to its launch site, one of the last jobs has been to make sure ...

February 2015
3 new Copernicus services to reach operational status in 2015

The Copernicus Climate Change, Marine Environment and Atmosphere Monitoring services will start operations in 2015 ...

February 2015
A crucial milestone for the Copernicus infrastructure

Two Delegation Agreements ensure the development of the Space Component over the next 7 years ...


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The 2014 Copernicus Masters competition was looking for innovative solutions for business and society based on Earth observation data from 15 April - 20 July. In its fourth year, the annual Copernicus Masters competition has once again affirmed the growing importance of Earth observation in virtually every sphere of our daily lives. The 171 submissions received from 43 countries in 2014 offer an excellent glimpse of the next generation of Earth observation services, which are set to benefit in particular from the expansion of digital infrastructures.

T-Systems Big Data Challenge 2014

rasdaman 9.1 has been released, offering cool new features ...

ESA App Challenge 2011

EOMAP GmbH & Co KG and MarineFIND have formed a partnership to offer easy access to coastal high resolution and global bathymetry ...

BMW ConnectedDrive Challenge 2013

Navigation systems generally get us from A to B without difficulty. They are not always accurate to the metre, but are nevertheless very reliable ...

ESA App Challenge 2011

Former winner EOMAP has launched a new web-based application that provides daily maps of Australia's coastal water quality ...



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