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There are thousands of ways to enrich apps with big data from space - what's yours? Join one of six selection Appathons at ESA BIC and partner locations across Europe on 24-25 Jan 2015 to meet with like-minded people and tackle some of the world's greatest challenges. These unique app events offer access to the latest Earth observation data and the power of the SAP HANA Cloud Platform. Win awesome prizes culminating in an invitation to the ESA App Camp Barcelona (25 Feb - 3 Mar) in line with the Mobile World Congress. The events are organised by Anwendungszentrum GmbH Oberpfaffenhofen (AZO) on behalf of the European Space Agency (ESA) and sponsored by SAP University Alliances. Enter the challenge!
Tracking a burning issus from space

FIREHUB provides real-time information on the status of fires and how they are spreading on the ground to authorities that are actively involved in fire disaster management and firefighters operating in the field. The platform addresses real decision-makers' needs and has been deployed on an operational basis to several user stakeholders, including the Greek Forest Fire Management Center of the Fire Brigade, the Ministry of Environment Energy and Climate Change, the Hellenic Telecommunications Organisation, and other local and regional authorities. The user base is rapidly expanding, with more than 500 independent connections (institutional users) every day during the summer. Read the interview with Dr Kontoes to find out more about FIREHUB ...
The revolution on our roads

Navigation systems generally get us from A to B without difficulty. They are not always accurate to the metre, but are nevertheless very reliable. Yet with more and more autonomous vehicles expected on our roads in the not-too-distant future, soon every centimetre will count. To solve this problem, Hartmut Runge (the overall winner of the Copernicus Masters 2013) and his team from the German Aerospace Center (DLR) have developed the DriveMark technology. In the following interview, he explains how DriveMark has revolutionised digital maps ...
Sentinel-3 Fully Formed

For more than 18 months, engineers have been carefully piecing together the many components that make up ESA's Sentinel-3A satellite. Now hosting an array of instruments to provide a wealth of information about Earth's oceans and land, the satellite is complete, standing proud for testing.

Scheduled for launch at the end of 2015, Sentinel-3A is set to play a key role in Europe's Copernicus programme ...
DLR and ESA sign the Collaborative Ground Segment Cooperation for Sentinel Data

With the first Copernicus satellite now operational, ESA and the DLR German Aerospace Center have signed an arrangement on managing and accessing Sentinel data.

The Sentinel family of satellites is being developed to meet the operational needs of Europe's environment monitoring programme, Copernicus. The first in the fleet, Sentinel-1A, was launched in April and began its operational life a month ago.

The data provided by the Earth-observing missions are freely accessible for Copernicus Services, as well as to scientific and other users ...

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