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Copernicus Supports Road Planning

Good transport is key to assuring one of the greatest benefits of European citizens - unrestricted movement. The mobility of both people and goods depends on the efficient use of transport infrastructure, and Europe's economic growth potential is also contingent on the further development of its transport activities.
To determine the best routes, calculate the cubic volumes of earth to be excavated or filled in, locate structures and evaluate costs, up to date, consistent and precise satellite imagery has become an essential information source ...
Satellite Applications Catapult awards innovative transport and logistics application or service ideas integrating Earth observation and in-situ data

The Transport and Logistics Challenge by Satellite Applications Catapult invites anyone to create new innovative applications and/or services which exploits satellite Earth observation imagery within the transport logistics domain. This challenge has been created to utilise the forthcoming unprecedented quantity of Earth observation data and to maximise its up-take within the transport community. The winning proposal will be awarded a Catapult support package, worth £10,000 ...
Catapult and Pew Charitable Trusts Join Forces to Fight Illegal Fishing

To help eliminate a major global threat to healthy, sustainable fisheries, the UK-based Satellite Applications Catapult announces it is partnering with the non-governmental organisation Pew Charitable Trusts to capture and analyse satellite imagery to detect, track and prosecute illegal fishers. Tony Long, director of Pew's Ending Illegal Fishing Project, said, "Combining satellite technology with maritime expertise to combat illegal fishing makes sense economically, environmentally and socially ...
Success Story: Overall Winner 2013

Having received plenty of attention from the automotive and supply industry for his Landmark Navigation proposal, Hartmut Runge (German Aerospace Center) - winner of the BMW ConnectedDrive Challenge and the overall winner in 2013 - is now set to drive his idea further to the market in mid-2014 in a development project supported by DLR Technology Marketing ...
Airbus Defence and Space & Hisdesat are looking for services based on radar satellite data

Starting in late 2014, a new constellation of SAR satellites will complement the existing missions. The Spanish PAZ satellite will join the German twins TerraSAR-X & TanDEM-X in the same orbital plane. This concept will make it possible to leverage the potential of a satellite constellation with high revisit rates. A variety of applications - including maritime surveillance, change detection, and interferometry - will profit from these enhanced capabilities in space. The winner of this Challenge will receive a radar satellite data package worth EUR 25,000 and operational support to help advance their idea ...
Sea Ice Monitoring Services supports effective ship routing, safe navigation, search-and-rescue operations and protection of oil and gas or wind energy offshore platforms in the Arctic

Timely information on sea ice is essential for the safety of any type of marine activities in the polar regions (e.g. shipping and offshore operations). Airbus Defence and Space provides a dependable and fast Sea Ice Monitoring Service that supports the entire chain from planning to operation of activities in ice-infested waters ...
TerraSAR-X-based analysis of surface movement phenomena related to underground construction in Budapest

Infrastructure constructions, excavations and underground engineering can cause movements of the Earth's surface. These typically happen very slowly yet may have sudden and far-reaching effects that endanger infrastructure or even human lives. Today underground civil engineering projects are particularly complex tasks when conducted in the densely populated areas of large cities ...
Monitoring Alpine Transportation Infrastructures using Space Techniques

The MATIST services provide ground motion information to operators of alpine transportation infrastructures such as railway companies, institutes representing the national roads and companies from the energy sector. Information related to the ground motion is obtained from the integration of satellite and terrestrial radar interferometry and space-based navigation ...
Real time thunderstorm Information all along the flight

Adverse weather conditions seriously disturb air traffic. Thunderstorms in particular often cause delays - pilots consider these storms among the most hazardous phenomena in air traffic. Up until now, however, air and ground personnel have lacked the appropriate technical systems to provide them with the most current and precise information regarding upcoming thunderstorms. Thanks to the technology of WxFUSION, a DLR spin-off currently undergoing incubation at ESA BIC Bavaria, a solution now finally exists ...
Additional Opportunities
ESA App Camp

Registration open until 21 July.
ESA is inviting 20 app developers to the ESA App Camp at its ESRIN location in Italy from 8 - 15 September 2014. Don`t miss your chance to meet with like-minded people, create mobile applications using satellite data, and gain insight into ESA's work ...
Business matchmaking at the European Space Solutions Conference

Joining the European Space Solutions in Prague from June 11-13? To make your stay at the conference as successful as possible, do not miss the opportunity to pre-schedule one-to-one meetings! Register for the business matching or request your invitation code via email to You can then start planning your meetings in realtime either online or by using the Meethub app.
Featured Events
Global Space Applications Conference (GLAC), 2 - 4 June, UNESCO, Paris

GLAC will bring together the global satellite-based services community, including senior representatives of the major space agencies, industry, academia and NGOs. These leaders in their respective fields will converge in Paris to present results, exchange ideas, debate roadmaps, and discuss the future opportunities provided by satellite-based applications ...
Dates and Events

02 to 04 June | Paris | Global Space Applications Conference

12 June | Prague | S2G2M2: Going Forward - Further Steps for Europe's Next Entrepreneurs

12 June | Belfast | Digital Society and Satellite Applications

12 - 13 June | Athens | GEO European Projects' Workshop-8

10 to 11 June | Prague | 3rd National Copernicus User Forum

11 to 13 June | Prague | European Space Solutions Conference

16 to 20 June | Warsaw | EARSeL & ISPRS Young Scientist Days 2014

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