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Satellites Help to Design More Habitable Cities

Medium and high-resolution multispectral satellites with thermal-infrared sensors provide information about thermal patterns, thereby helping to improve urban climate and weather prediction models. An improved understanding of complex urban heat islands allows for the development of more efficient alert systems, helping decision and policy makers to adopt effective mitigation strategies and improve urban planning ...
Expanding Cities a Growing Concern

At current expansion rates, European urban areas will almost double in size by 2100, impacting quality of life. By 2020, approximately 80% of Europeans will be living in cities or other built-up areas and in seven countries the proportion will be at least 90%. Copernicus and Earth observation satellites help to unveil where and how fast cities are expanding ...
DLR is looking for new applications in Earth observation that address climate and the mapping of the environment

Ideas for using Earth observation for sustainable energy management - be it in generation, distribution, and/or consumption - are especially welcome. In addition to any kind of non-satellite geo information, proposals should be based on existing or imminent Earth observation satellite data. The winner will receive a cash prize of EUR 5,000 ...
Success Story: DLR Environmental Challenge 2013

Urban Analyser - Your City Development Tool was named the winner of the DLR Challenge in 2013 due to its innovative approach to address the rapid expansion of settlements and the associated challenges. By taking advantage of Sentinel-1 data and existing methods developed by DLR, it detects new urban areas and combines them with population estimates to inform the public via web applications ...
T-Systems Big Data Challenge

T-Systems International GmbH will award the prize for its Big Data Challenge to the best Copernicus application or service idea that makes use of big data analytics technologies to provide Earth observation intelligence on demand via a user-oriented web portal or mobile devices. T-Systems International GmbH will assist the winner in getting their project off the ground. This will include assistance in realising an innovation project, which could lead to a long-term partnership ...
T-Systems presented Helix Nebula at the Copernicus Big Data Workshop

Helix Nebula was presented by T-Systems together with the Copernicus Central Pick-up Point it has build under contract for ESA - both of them connected to the GÉANT network - to demonstrate how Copernicus big data can be taken to the users in new ways and enable EO applications in the cloud ...
Photos for the world: T-Systems supplies free images from space

In future, T-Systems will process mass data from orbit. For their Copernicus program, the European Commission and European Space Agency (ESA) commissioned the Deutsche Telekom subsidiary with the provision and operation of a secure Big Data platform for satellite data. The platform saves and processes high-resolution images of the Earth such as photos or radar images from a new generation of satellites ...
GEO (Group on Earth Observations) partners the Best Service Challenge of the Copernicus Masters

The Best Service Challenge invites service providers to submit profiles of their existing services to the Copernicus Masters, which address any of the GEO Societal Benefits Areas: Agriculture, Biodiversity, Climate, Disasters, Ecosystems, Energy, Health, Water, and Weather. The winner of the Best Service Challenge will benefit from a substantial satellite data quota worth EUR 40,000 made available with financial support by the European Commission, promoted extensively to the international Copernicus community and dedicated media ...
Additional Opportunity
ESA App Camp

Registration open until 21 July.
ESA is inviting 20 app developers to the ESA App Camp at its ESRIN location in Italy from 8 - 15 September 2014. Don`t miss your chance to meet with like-minded people, create mobile applications using satellite data, and gain insight into ESA's work ...
Featured Events
Meet us at the RE.WORK Technology Summit 19-20 June in Berlin

The Copernicus Masters team will introduce Earth observation solutions for renewable energy at the RE.WORK Technology Summit in Berlin. The Summit will explore how breakthrough technology and science are changing society and business. The event brings together cutting-edge technologists, leading industry and disruptive startups in robotics, 3D printing, wearables, the internet of things, and a variety of related areas ...
2014 Conference on Big Data from Space (BiDS '14)

Call for papers now open! This conference aims to bring together researchers, engineers, users in the area of Big Data in the Space sector.The focus is on the whole data lifecycle, ranging from data acquisition by spaceborne and ground-based sensors to data management, analysis and exploitation in the domains of Earth Observation, Space Science, Space Engineering, Space Weather, etc ...
36th International Symposium on Remote Sensing of Environment

The 36th Symposium will represent a major event in the long series of internationally recognized ISRSE meetings. The overall theme of the symposium is the use of Earth Observation systems and related Remote Sensing techniques for understanding and managing the Earth environment and resources ...
Dates and Events

10 to 11 June | Prague | 3rd National Copernicus User Forum

12 June | Prague | S2G2M2: Going Forward - Further Steps for Europe's Next Entrepreneurs

12 June | Belfast | Digital Society and Satellite Applications

12 - 13 June | Athens | GEO European Projects' Workshop-8

11 to 13 June | Prague | European Space Solutions Conference

16 to 20 June | Warsaw | EARSeL & ISPRS Young Scientist Days 2014

02 to 04 July | Salzburg | AGIT 2014 - Geospatial Innovation for Society

4 to 14 August | Frascati (Rome) | Earth observation summer school

8 to 15 September | Frascati (Rome) | ESA App Camp

11 to 12 September| Paris | 6th Summit on Earth Observation Business

13 to 17 October | Darmstadt | Climate Research and Earth Observations from Space: Climate Information for Decision Making

23 October | Berlin | Awards Ceremony Copernicus Masters and accompanying conference

28 to 31 October | Frascati (Rome) | Earth Observation for Ocean-Atmosphere Interactions Science 2014

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