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December 2015 | European Space Imaging (EUSI) & Skybox Imaging High-Res Challenge 2014

Emerging Earth Observation Capabilities to Support Non-Proliferation and Disarmament Verification

In 2014, the VCDNP won the European Space Imaging (EUSI) & Skybox Imaging High-Res Challenge as part of the 2014 Copernicus Masters Competition. The Copernicus Masters Competition awards prizes for innovative solutions for business and society based on Earth observation (EO) data. The goal of the winning project, submitted by Tamara Patton, VCDNP Research Associate and PhD Candidate at Princeton University, was to provide a snapshot of how emerging types of EO capabilities, such as agile constellations of small satellites, high definition (HD) video and new regional systems, could support non-proliferation and disarmament verification needs. Patton discussed the results of the winning project at a VCDNP seminar held on 30 October 2015 ...

June 2015 | T-Systems Cloud Computing Challenge 2011

UrtheCast releases world's first full-color HD videos of Earth from Space - videos of London, Boston, and São Paulo showcase life on Earth viewed from the International Space Station

UrtheCast Corp., the Earth Observation (EO) company aiming to open the world to anyone with an internet connection, today announced that it has released the first-ever, full-color HD videos of Earth, filmed from the International Space Station (ISS) at roughly one-meter resolution.
Captured by UrtheCast's Ultra HD camera, Iris, from aboard the ISS, the release of the 'First Light' video footage reinforces the Company's mission to democratize the Earth Observation industry - with the vision of providing the world with a new, dynamic perspective on our evolving planet ...

June 2015 | T-Systems Cloud Computing Challenge 2013

EOMAP provides shallow water bathymetry for the South China Sea

EOMAP Asia Pacific today launches the most up-to-date and detailed data set for the islands in South China Sea, generated by groundbreaking Satellite Derived Bathymetry techniques.

The islands of the South China Sea are several hundred km away from the nearest coast and are surrounded by water deeper than 1000m, which is assumed to hold extensive of oil and gas reserves. The area is a disputed territory of several countries within the Asian region. Data about the underwater topography are outdated or not accessible ...

June 2015 | ESA App Challenge 2011

Satellite based water quality monitoring for inland and coastal waters: EOMAP launches its new worldwide eoApp service

Monitoring water quality for inland and coastal waters is a requirement for many government and private sector entities. This requirement includes identifying long-term trends and understanding emerging problems over large areas that contain numerous water bodies – all to be done in near real time.

To satisfy this requirement EOMAP GmbH & Co. KG, a leading provider of aquatic remote sensing solutions, has now launched the world's first harmonized, high-resolution monitoring service for inland and coastal waters, with water quality information directly accessible online through the eoApp web application ...

May 2015 | Transport and Logistics Challenge by Satellite Applications Catapult 2014

Multiple Winner Stevenson Astrosat in SME focus interview by the Herald Scotland

Read about space enthusiast Steve Lee, his company Stevenson Astrosat, and how winning prizes in the Copernicus Masters and the European Satellite Navigation Competition has helped him launch his business ...

April 2015 | CloudEO Farming Challenge 2014

Ceptu now focusing on bringing FieldSense to market

A group of computer science students from Aarhus university adventure started with winning the May 2014 ESA App Camp in Noordwijk. The winning concept that was developed was named FieldSense. FieldSense uses satellite data from the Copernicus missions, to assist farmers in monitor their crops, in order to allow farmers to make more informed decisions about their crops. Being part of ESA App Camp gave them a unique opportunity to develop a business model and an early proof of concept. After winning the app camp FieldSense went on to participate in the Copernicus Masters CloudEO farming challenge. Participating in the Copernicus Masters allowed FieldSense to establish new partners to help further develop the app and widen their network, one key partner that came from this is CloudEO. FieldSense went on to win the CloudEO Farming Challenge and participating in the Satellite Masters conference in Berlin. The award from the CloudEO Farming Challenge was essential in getting the means to forming Ceptu, the startup company which will commercialise their app idea. Furthermore being part of Copernicus Masters gave them a chance to validate and further develop their business case. Ceptu is now one of the first companies to be accepted in HatchIT, Aarhus University's new incubator for technology companies and have also been accepted in the SmartAgriFood accelerator. Ceptu is now focusing on bringing FieldSense to market and will have a prototype ready by the end of the summer. The plan is to have FieldSense ready by the start of the 2016 agriculture season. It has been an eventful year for the three students, who are also finishing their studies at Aarhus University, and it all started with an app camp in Noordwijk.

March 2015 | Radar Constellation Challenge by Airbus Defence and Space & Hisdesat Winner & Copernicus Masters 2014

Major step forward in the development of a commercial land instability service based upon satellite EO data

PUNNET GEO, the winners of the 2014 Copernicus Masters Earth Monitoring Competition, have recently made a major step forward in the development of a commercial land instability service based upon satellite EO data through the successful processing of Sentinel-1 data using their novel ISBAS algorithm. The result, generated using only eight Sentinel-1 Interferometric Wide (IW) image products, demonstrates their unique ability to provide a more complete picture of the extent of the deformation in Mexico City than possible using more common SAR interferometry techniques such as Persistent Scatterers Interferometry (PSI). Dr Andy Sowter, author of the ISBAS technique and Assistant Professor at the University of Nottingham, said: "The quality of Sentinel-1 data is so good that it far exceeded our previous expectations from the processing of other satellite data, especially with so few images. This is confirmation of what may be possible from the Sentinel-1 satellite and is an important step towards our commercialisation of Sentinel-1 products and services." The Mexico City area is famous for large rates of land subsidence due to groundwater abstraction. It has been measured many times using the PSI technique using, for example, RADARSAT-2 and TerraSAR-X data, but in every case the measurements have been restricted to urban areas only. The Sentinel-1 result generated by PUNNET GEO confirms the published city-wide deformation rates but extends the analysis considerably into the rural areas. Dr Sowter said: "We are not the first to use Sentinel-1 data for land instability mapping but our results show something different, that EO surveys of this type are not limited to urban deformation only. This result is a major step forward in the routine generation of wide-area land products across the world, encompassing all terrain and land cover types and enabling a full and comprehensive range of scientific and commercial applications."

December 2014 | T-Systems Big Data Challenge 2014

rasdaman -- the World's Leading Array Database

rasdaman 9.1 has been released, offering cool new features: new, dramatically faster communication protocol; builtin null / nodata value support; extended OGC support: WMS 1.3, WCS-T, overhauled WCPS, new sleek WCS client. ...

December 2014 | ESA App Challenge 2011

EOMAP and MarineFIND pool their expertise

Working together, EOMAP GmbH & Co KG and MarineFIND, the specialist marine data and service division of FIND Maps, have formed a partnership to offer easy access to coastal high resolution and global bathymetry.
Collecting nearshore zone bathymetry data has, until recently, been an expensive undertaking. However, advances in the processing of satellite imagery means that low-cost, accurate, high resolution bathymetry to a depth of 20m is now available. The EOMAP/MarineFIND partnership has developed a new method for easily distributing this data for preprocessed areas and allows the production of cost-effective custom datasets ...

27 October 2014 | BMW ConnectedDrive Challenge 2013

The revolution on our roads

Navigation systems generally get us from A to B without difficulty. They are not always accurate to the metre, but are nevertheless very reliable. Yet with more and more autonomous vehicles expected on our roads in the not-too-distant future, soon every centimetre will count. To solve this problem, Hartmut Runge and his team from the German Aerospace Center (DLR) have developed the DriveMark technology. In the following interview, he explains how DriveMark has revolutionised digital maps ...

28 July 2014 | ESA App Challenge 2011

Monitoring Water Quality Down Under

Former Copernicus Masters competition winner EOMAP has launched a new web-based application that provides daily maps of Australia's coastal water quality.

The free app, called eoApp Australia, enables anyone with a web browser to view various water quality parameters in two important areas of Australia: Abbot Point with an adjoining section of the Great Barrier Reef, as well as Barrow Island with the nearby Ningaloo Reef. The data products include maps of turbidity - cloudiness caused by particles in the water - and visibility. These are important parameters for monitoring sediment plumes from dredging and dumping activities, as well as land run-off. "Anyone can access the eoApp and look at the data online," explained Karin Schenk, head of EOMAP's Water Quality Group ...

13 May 2014 | GEO Illustration Challenge 2013

My Trip to Kourou

When gazing down at the coastline of French Guiana just before your plane touches down, it can be hard to believe that your destination is home to one of the most modern space launch centres in the world. During last year's Copernicus Masters competition, I submitted an entry to the GEO Illustration Challenge "Traces of Humankind". I was fortunate enough to be awarded first prize: a trip to French Guiana to witness the launch of a rocket ...

08 May 2014 | ESA App Challenge 2013

Interview with Valentijn Venus, Ujuizi Laboratories

03 April 2014 | T-Systems Cloud Computing Challenge 2011

It's here: UrtheCast's first release of Earth imagery, from space.

This is one of the moments that we've been waiting for — the release of these two images marks only the first of millions. Soon, we'll bring you a virtually endless stream of unprecedented Earth imagery, captured from the International Space Station (ISS). Captured on March 28, 2014, at 1pm GMT by our medium-resolution camera, Theia, the scrolling image above is centered around the city of Moneague, Jamaica. At approximately 3200 x 8000 pixels, the photo covers about 300 square kilometers of terrain and gives us a remarkable glimpse at what's to come from this powerful perspective on planet Earth. In our second image below, you'll see an impressive 3000 x 5000 pixel view of the urban area surrounding Santa Cruz de Mara, Venezuela. Covering approximately 260 square kilometres, this image was also captured by Theia on March 28, 2014 ...

04 March 2014 | European Space Imaging High-Res Challenge 2013

CAMEA - Certification of Agronomy for Marketing Environment-Friendly Agriculture

Györk Fülöp, landscape planner and geo-data expert from Hungary, has come up with an idea called Certification of Agronomy for Marketing Environment-Friendly Agriculture (CAMEA). His idea focuses on adding value to environmentally friendly agronomic activities producing crops with a smaller ecological footprint and certifying this activity. The technical basis of his concept is centred on the synergies between Copernicus datasets and WorldView-2 satellite images for crop monitoring. The Copernicus programme of the European Commission, jointly implemented by the European Satellite Agency (ESA) and the European Union (EU), has a mandate to provide management of environmental monitoring and to ensure civilian security through Earth-observation technology ...

18 February 2014 | T-Systems Cloud Computing Challenge 2013

High resolution, digital bathymetry now available off-the-shelf

Industry leading aquatic earth observation company EOMAP has launched an off-the-shelf bathymetry product line which will transform the uptake and uses of digital bathymetry data. This world first service makes high-resolution, satellite-derived bathymetry available through online portals and its business partners ...

18 February 2014 | Ideas Challenge 2013

BlackBridge and RSS-Remote Sensing Solutions Collaborate with GIZ Germany to Strengthen REDD+ MRV Capabilities in Ethiopia

BlackBridge, the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH and Remote Sensing Solutions (RSS) have signed a 2-year agreement to strengthen earth observation capabilities at Ethiopian national institutions, through the program, initiated by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ). The purpose of this initiative is to support the implementation of a cost-effective, reliable, and transparent REDD+ (Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation) MRV (Measurement, Reporting, and Verification) system in the country ...

19 December 2013 | European Space Imaging High-Res Challenge and Copernicus Master 2012

Launch of "serious" online game 'Cerberus' to help relief in the Philippines

Hans van 't Woud is the developer of this online game incorporating very high-resolution satellite imagery which won the Copernicus Masters and the European Space Imaging High-Res Challenge in 2012. After one year of research and development he is launching his project and inviting people to participate in his online game and help identify areas affected by the typhoon on Bantayan Island ...

19 December 2013 | T-Systems Cloud Computing Challenge 2011

UrtheCast Liftoff

UrtheCast Corp. is very pleased to announce that its two earth imaging cameras have been successfully installed on the Russian segment of the International Space Station (ISS). Contrary to the online broadcast of the installation, the telemetry was received by Mission Control Central nearMoscow. During the installation, we were able to complete all of the intended tests during the spacewalk. At this time, all telemetry received and analyzed is within our expected results ...

05 November 2013 | ESA App Challenge 2012


Since last year, this crowd-sourcing app has undergone a technical evolution. The new version recently released for Android, iphone, and Windows phone was designed for broad use at the major TRIpLEX exercise, which involves 300 participants from worldwide organisations in the field of humanitarian aid. The system has been sold to Indonesia's civilnprotection authorities, as well. Meanwhile, the team has prototyped a tablet version that also integrates EO delivery and developed version tailored for use with UAvs. Its members are following the plans they laid last year – opening an office in Barcelona, for example, where their apps are being adapted further to specific market segments. Finally, the ASIGN system and app have also found a new, award-winning commercial market in the insurance business ...

15 July 2013 | DLR Environmental Challenge 2012

ThermCERT spun out into an independent company

Since winning the DLR Environmental Challenge 2012 ThermCERT has been spun out into an independent company based in Latvia where not only has the space segment development been advanced but has been complimented by the addition of smart-grid sensors. The ThermCERT objective is to introduce a reliable and cost effective thermal auditing and evaluation system for wide areas of urban and non-urban environments for such end users including local/national governments, NGOs, business/enterprise and other such carbon market actors/customers ...

15 July 2013 | Ideas Challenge and Copernicus Master 2011

TerraSAR-X support to DeforestAction in Borneo

In the presented pilot of Earthwatchers concept near real-time access to EO data was secured through TerraSAR-X ortho-rectified imagery and automatically generated change information. Knowledge and results are shared by collaborating in a social media environment ...

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