The DLR Environment, Energy and Health Challenge 2016
Viridian Raven - Risk Analysis to Prevent Insect Outbreaks, submitted by Lisa Broekhuizen and Wendy Mensink, The Netherlands

DLR Energy & Environmental Challenge 2015
Beehive Locations - Monitoring habitats with satellite data, submitted by Deepak Bhatia from Poland.

DLR Energy & Environmental Challenge 2014
Seagrass in HD - Global Seagrass Monitoring Initiative, submitted by Dimosthenis Traganos, Samuel Matthews and Team from the Archipelagos Institute of Marine Conservation, Greece.

DLR Environmental Challenge 2013
Urban Analyser - Your City Development Tool, submitted by Kaupo Voormansik and Team from the University of Tartu, Estonia.

DLR Environmental Challenge 2012
ThermCERT - Thermal & Carbon Efficiency Reporting Tool, submitted by Steve Lee from the British company Stevenson Astrosat Ltd.

DLR Environmental Challenge 2011
EOPPAD - EO of Power Plant Aquatic Discharges, submitted by Will Aicken from the British company Serco.

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