Winners 2012

Below please find all winning ideas of the 2012 Copernicus Masters competition (previously known as GMES Masters).

Ideas Challenge
MOSP-RIOS - Off-Shore Oil Spill & Flaring Monitoring, submitted by Daniele Di Erasmo and Team from the Italian company Serco SpA

ESA App Challenge
ASIGN / GEO PICTURES - Crowdsourced, in-situ visual GMES validation, submitted by Dr Harald Skinnemoen and Team from the Norwegian company AnsuR Technologies AS.

DLR Environmental Challenge
ThermCERT - Thermal & Carbon Efficiency Reporting Tool, submitted by Steve Lee from the British company Stevenson Astrosat Ltd.

T-Systems Cloud Computing Challenge
WAMSAPs - Wide-Area Monitoring using Spaceborne & Airborne Platforms, submitted by Dr Tim McCarthy and Team from the Irish company iGeotec Technologies Ltd.

European Space Imaging High-Res Challenge and GMES Master
Cerberus - Crowdsourcing and e-learning platform, submitted by Hans Van 't Woud and Team from the Dutch company BlackShore.

Astrium Radar Challenge
BALIST - The Nearshore Bathymetry Service from Space using Sentinel-1, -2, submitted by Dr Virginie Lafon and Team from the French Technology Transfer Unit GEO-Transfert.

Best Service Challenge
Winner: SnowMonit - Monitoring snow and water equivalent, submitted by Francesco Bartoli and Team from the Italian company Geobeyond Srl.

2nd Place: Fire Outbreaks - Prevention and Fast Reaction, submitted by Marco Talone and Team from the Italian company Serco SpA

3rd Place: Earth Snapshot - A daily view of the planet, submitted by Luca Mellano from the Italian company Chelys Srl.

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