Winners 2013

Below please find all winning ideas of the 2013 Copernicus Masters competition (previously known as GMES Masters).
The winner of the Best Service Challenge 2013 as well as the runners up have been elected by the online audience of the Copernicus Masters Website. All other winners have been announced on 5 November.

Ideas Challenge
EyeOnMalaria - Africa-wide Monitoring of Environmental Suitability for Malaria Transmission, submitted by Jonas Franke and Team from RSS Remote Sensing Solutions GmbH, Germany.

ESA App Challenge
Cheetah - Taking on a Billion-dollar Problem in Africa, submitted by Valentijn Venus and Team.

DLR Environmental Challenge
Urban Analyser - Your City Development Tool, submitted by Kaupo Voormansik and Team from the University of Tartu, Estonia.

T-Systems Cloud Computing Challenge
Operational Satellite-Derived Bathymetry Service - Rapid, Spatial, Validated, submitted by Thomas Heege and Team from EOMAP GmbH & Co. KG, Germany.

European Space Imaging High-Res Challenge
CAMEA - Certification of Agronomy for Marketing Environmentally Friendly Agriculture, submitted by Györk Fülöp from the Corvinus University of Budapest, Hungary.

Astrium Radar Challenge
WaveCERT - Wave + Current Energy Reporting Tool , submitted by Steve Lee and Team from Stevenson Astrosat Ltd, UK.

BMW ConnectedDrive Challenge and Copernicus Master
Landmark Navigation - With Radar Fix Points from Satellites, submitted by Hartmut Runge from the German Aerospace Center (DLR), Germany.

GEO Illustration Challenge
Aqua Alta, submitted by Alexander Popp, Germany.

Best Service Challenge
Winner: HAB Forecast - Harmful Algal Bloom Forecast, submitted by Julie Maguire and Team from the Daithi O'Murchu Marine Research Station, Ireland.

2nd Place: Landmap - Spatial Discovery, submitted by Gail Millin-Chalabi from the University of Manchester, UK.

3rd Place: SmartIrrigation - Satellite monitoring for agriculture, submitted by Elizabeth Gil-Roldán from Starlab Barcelona SL, Spain.

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