Winners 2015

Please find below all winning ideas of the 2015 Copernicus Masters competition. All winners have been announced on 20 October.

University Challenge
Foresight Crops Insect Swarm Prediction Modelling, submitted by Dr Oluropo Ogundipe from University of Nottingham, United Kingdom.

ESA App Challenge
Wave - The City Assistant, submitted by Patrick Wolowicz from software, Austria.

DLR Energy & Environmental Challenge
Beehive Locations - Monitoring Habitats with Satellite Data, submitted by Deepak Bhatia from Poland.

T-Systems Big Data Challenge
ImageQuerying - Real-time Image Analysis and Querying, submitted by Dr Dirk Tiede and Team from the Department of Geoinformatics Z_GIS, University of Salzburg, Austria.

Smart Cities and Intelligent Transport Challenge by the Satellite Applications Catapult
eXude - Flood Monitor and Drain Effectiveness, submitted by Steve Lee from Stevenson Astrosat Ltd., United Kingdom.

NCMA Spatio-Temporal Data Visualisation Challenge
CybEarth - First-Person Visualisation of EO Data, submitted by Asst Prof Panagiotis Partsinevelos and Team from SenseLab, Technical University of Crete, Greece.

CLOUDEO - The Going Live Challenge
Crop Analytics - The Future of Farmland Diagnostics, submitted by Nicolas Ackermann and Team from Gamaya SA, Switzerland.

European Space Imaging High-Res Urban Challenge and Copernicus Master
Building Radar - Construction Detection and Monitoring, submitted by Paul Indinger and Team from Building Radar GmbH, Germany.

GEO Illustration Challenge
Two Halves Of One Heart, submitted by Dieter Pikulski from Germany.

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