Apr. 2014
Sentinel-1 performes opening dance routine

Following its launch yesterday, Sentinel-1A has performed a carefully choreographed 10-hour dance routine to open its large radar antenna and solar wings ...

Apr. 2014
A New Era for Copernicus: Earth Observation Competition Searching for Outstanding Application Ideas

Today marks the launch of Sentinel-1A, the first dedicated satellite in the European Earth observation programme Copernicus ...

Mar. 2014
CloudEO Opens with a GEO Collaboration Platform

CloudEO users can now buy subscriptions and even 24/7 geo processing services on a pay-per-use basis at affordable prices, or enter into innovative revenue-sharing schemes ...

Mar. 2014
Sentinel-1 Fuelled and Ready

ESA’s first satellite dedicated to Europe’s environmental monitoring Copernicus programme has been fuelled and pressurised, ready for its launch on 3 April ...


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