Winner 2016: ESA App Challenge

Company info
Jérôme Gasperi
Jeobrowser, France


Service summary
SnapPlanet is a social network with the aim to harness the use of Earth observation data to address individual, societal, environmental and economic needs through user- and community-oriented services. SnapPlanet is a mobile application in which users can choose a location around the world at a given time, “snap” it, and share the precise pictures of places taken from satellites with their followers. SnapPlanet provides this service for free, using Sentinel-2 imagery. The mediumterm objective is to extend this service to include commercial sub metric imagery. Combined with high user demand and the increasing acquisition capabilities of satellites and drones, this will make selfies from space possible at the cost of a few euros. By providing citizens with access to EO images, SnapPlanet will be a catalyst of innovation and the creation of new EO data-based services.

Customer Benefit
Other than the backgrounds of mapping services (Google Maps, GPS, etc), citizens have very limited access to EO products. By providing seamless access to this data, SnapPlanet will be a catalyst of innovation and the creation of new EO data-based services.

The Expertise
«As the very first Earth observation social network, SnapPlanet brings EO data to the mass market in a fashionable and easy to use way. Amongst other benefits, the application provides its users the opportunity to explore, post, share and print the latest and best Sentinel-2 imagery. SnapPlanet combines the ever increasing availability of Earth observation images with the advantages of a social network for everyone.»

Dr Thomas Beer
Copernicus Policy Coordinator
European Space Agency (ESA)

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