04 Apr '19 | Amsterdam, Netherlands

In near future, Earth observation will involve seamless integration of new technologies, sensing modalities and unconventional data sources. The explosion in demand, to meet the growing needs of global population, climate change, etc., ensures that as technology leaps forward, the Earth observation industry too will head towards a revolutionary model imbibing different aspects of EO data capture. The future of EO is going to be about innovative solutions, developments and ideas that will impact businesses and society alike. Launched in 2011, the Copernicus Masters has been discovering the next generation of EO applications, providing a unique insight into the future trends from the entrepreneur’s perspective. Partners of the Copernicus Masters come together in this session to discuss their take on the Future of EO and how to get involved. A mix of institutional and industrial organizations, topics such as technology integration (AI, IoT, Big Data), and new technologies (Drones/UAVs) will be explored from different perspectives.


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