BayWa is a group with worldwide operations in the core competencies of trading, logistics and supplementary services in its three operating segments Agriculture, Energy and Building Materials and the Innovation & Digitalisation development segment. Digital Farming is geared towards the development and marketing of digital solutions for agriculture. Such solutions are opening up entirely new opportunities for the agricultural sector. As a shareholder of Vista GmbH, BayWa offers attractive satellite and model-based solutions for agricultural purposes. Together with the subsidiary FarmFacts and its high degree of acceptance and experience as a systems service provider, BayWa can already offer a wide range of innovative services today. The head office of the parent company, which was founded in 1923, is located in Munich. The international activities focus on Europe as well as on the US and New Zealand.

Watch the videos below to learn more about the the specific Smart Farming activities of BayWa and the products and services they offer together with thier subsidiary FarmFacts.



BayWa Challenge… Coming soon!


Do you have an interest in Sustainable Agriculture? Think you can add value to the Smart Farming industry? Then stay tuned for the announcement of the all new BayWa Challenge coming very soon!