Planet “See Change, Change the World” Challenge

Planet was looking for new solutions that combine Copernicus data with Planet’s global imagery to solve important sustainable development challenges faced by today’s population.

The Challenge

Planet is strongly committed to the Sustainable Development Goals, the most ambitious development agenda ever. Creative solutions that use Planet data, complemented by other data sources such as the Copernicus programme and additional data sources, can play a crucial role in reaching the world’s collective goals. The most compelling solutions should have a strong technical underpinning, be feasible and achievable.

Planet has identified the following areas of interest for participants to focus on:

    • Sustainable cities and communities, for instance:
      – Detect and analyse the proportion of urban population living in slums, informal settlements or inadequate housing
      – Determine the ratio of land consumption rate to population growth rate
      – Understand the average share of built-up areas in cities that is open space for public use for all, by gender, age and persons with disabilities
    • Life on land, for example:
      – Determine forest area as a proportion of total land area
      – Measure the proportion of land that is degraded over total land area

Submissions are not limited to the above mentioned. Solutions that
propose Planet imagery in combination with Copernicus data for
sustainable development are also welcome.


Planet​ ​will​ ​provide​ ​the​ ​winner​ ​with​ ​an​ ​opportunity​ ​to​ finalise​ ​their ​solution​ ​and​ ​bring​ ​it​ ​to​ ​market. ​​This​ ​includes the​ ​following​ ​prize​ ​details:


6 months free access to Planet’s data with value of 125k EUR over relevant areas of land for PlanetScope and RapidEye imagery products, for R&D/technical evaluation purpose only. The winner can choose between the split of the Monitoring, Basemaps and Archive data required.



Technical and business consulting from Planet during the 6-month period.



A commercial contract for Planet imagery once the first customer is identified.


Fully paid (flights, hotel, conference fee) trip for two to Planet’s customer conference in 2020, providing the winner with a world class opportunity to network with thought leaders in the geospatial industry.


Submissions to Planet “See Change, Change the World” Challenge will be assessed against the following criteria:

Sustainable Development

Does this solution contribute toward the sustainable development of our planet?


Is the solution a novel and ground breaking application of Planet data?


Planet and Copernicus Connection

Does the solution use both Planet data and Copernicus data to create added-value?

Commercial Viability

Does the solution present a viable business model that considers the cost of operations and Planet imagery?

About Planet

Founded​ ​in​ ​2010​ ​by​ ​a​ ​team​ ​of​ ​ex-NASA​ ​scientists, ​Planet​ ​is​ ​driven​ ​by​ ​a​ ​mission​ ​to​ ​image​ ​the​ ​entire​ ​Earth every​ ​day, ​and​ ​make​ ​Earth’s​ ​changes​ ​visible, ​​accessible​ ​and​ ​actionable. Planet​ ​started​ ​as​ ​a​ ​small​ ​team​ ​of​ ​physicists, ​aerospace​ ​and​ ​mechanical​ ​engineers​ ​in​ ​a​ ​garage, ​using​ ​the cube sat​ ​form-factor​ ​to​ ​inform​ ​the​ ​first​ ​designs​ ​of​ ​the​ ​Dove​ ​satellite. ​Just​ ​six​ ​years​ ​after​ ​their​ ​first​ ​satellite entered​ ​space, ​Planet​ ​now​ ​operates​ ​the​ ​largest​ ​constellation​ ​of​ ​Earth-imaging​ ​satellites… ever. Their​ ​satellites​ ​are​ ​collecting​ ​a​ ​radical​ ​new​ ​data​ ​set​ ​with​ ​endless,​ ​real-world​ ​applications.​ ​Whether​ ​one is measuring​ ​agricultural​ ​yields,​ ​monitoring​ ​natural​ ​resources,​ ​or​ ​aiding​ ​first​ ​responders​ ​after​ ​natural​ ​disasters, Planet’s​ ​data​ ​is​ ​here​ ​to​ ​lend​ ​businesses​ ​and​ ​humanitarian​ ​organizations​ ​a​ ​helping​ ​hand.​ ​Planet​ ​believes​ ​timely, global​ ​imagery​ ​will​ ​empower​ ​informed,​ ​deliberate​ ​and​ ​meaningful​ ​stewardship​ ​of​ ​our​ ​planet.


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